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Financial Coach

The FamilySource Center (FSC) program is funded by the City of Los Angeles Community Investment For Family Department (CIFDLA) This FSC program serves as the City's delivery system for anti-poverty initiatives by providing a continuum of core services designed to assist low income families in becoming self-sufficient by increasing family asset-building; to also provide college prep and youth academic achievement services. Core services include: Multi Benefit Screening, Information & Referral Assistance, Case Management, Financial Coaching, Pre-Employment Support, Tax-preparation, Your Benefits Now; Parenting Classes, Supportive Services, Legal Services, and the following youth base services for youth 13 and 17 years’ age: Tutoring Services; Mentoring; Youth Leadership; Cash for College; FAFSA workshops; ”COLLEGE CORNER”; Summer Academic Enrichment Camp; Art & Cultural Activities; college field trips.

Housing Stability Advisor

The Housing Stability Advisor shall provide assistance to help rent-burdened, low-income households resolve a crisis that would otherwise lead to a loss of housing. The assistance involves an assessment of the household’s current housing crisis, along with the provision of various forms of individualized and client-driven assistance, including short-term financial assistance, budgeting/financial coaching, housing search, and connection.

College Ambassador

Tutor/College Ambassador at the W.L.A. FamilySource Center (FSC) will energize, inspire, and captivate the potential of under-represented Middle and High School youth to create a relevant, constructive, and practical post-secondary education action plan. Tutor/College Ambassador is responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of enhanced learning opportunities for youth, and their families, in order to improve the youth’s academic performance, financial capability, cultural and social acuity, leadership skills, and community engagement. Tutor/College Ambassador must also motivate, educate, and prepare students in underserved communities to pursue higher education and provide them with the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their post-secondary education aspirations. All FSC-staff must understand the FSC program purpose, vision and objectives, be knowledgeable of services and resources, and engage in the following activities: outreach, intake/assessments, referrals, and case management.

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